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Renaissance is for Quitters

Founded by A. Keith Christie and Christine Brown (above) in January 2015, Renaissance Horizon is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC:09772390).

The company has an affiliation with LC&CTA, a Counsellor, Counselling and Personal Development Training Organisation also co-founded by Chris Brown in 2007.

Renaissance Horizon’s services are for anyone in recovery from drug or substance abuse and/or addiction:

  • Illegal drug abuse/addiction
  • Legal drug abuse/addiction (Prescription/Over the counter medication)
  • ‘Self-Medication’/addiction due to Depression/Bipolar or other mental health disorders
  • Alcoholism/Addiction
  • Any imbibed substance/drug abuse/addiction

We do not simply focus on a client’s compulsion or dependence on a substance/s but also on the underlying emotional issues that cause so many people to misuse substances and act in self-destructive ways in the first place:

  • Sex and Relationship addiction
  • Co-Dependency
  • Avoiding intimacy
  • Depression
  • Feelings of abandonment and loss
  • Avoiding feelings and denial
  • Resentment and Anger

Our primary aim is to facilitate recovering addicts to return to and/or develop a creative, fully active life, employment and self-defined significance in society.

Help for Families and Friends

We acknowledge the impact a substance misuser can have on family dynamics; the distress and stress, worry and concern that can lead to both emotional and financial disturbance.

Therefore, we offer a Low Cost Counselling Service to the relatives and friends of anyone addicted to drugs. If you would like to access this service or find out more about how it works please contact us (see below).