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Combined L2 & L4 Certificate in Substance Misuse

This innovative and unique course will provide you with comprehensive knowledge in relation to Substance Misuse and its effects on individuals and families, and communities and society in general.

Lasts 4 days + follow-up   Costs £380.00   Date: Please contact 

Course Description

You will have the unique opportunity to work with recovering addicts/substance abusers and to understand the personal life circumstances that lead to their drug misuse.

You will also explore three effective modalities that are employed to work with substance misusers and be facilitated in developing the associated practitioner skills in order to assist clients seeking to recovery from addiction.

Course Content

The Learning Outcomes of the Course include:

General Subject Knowledge

  • Know the effects of a range of drugs, including alcohol
  • Know the harm associated with different substances and related behaviours
  • Be aware of diversity in relation to substance use/misuse
  • Understand why people use/misuse drugs
  • Be aware of own responses to issues in relation to substance use/misuse
  • Know the social and economic effects of substance misuse

Additionally you will specifically learn about:

  • Street Life and street drug use/Street Detox and Outreach Work
  • The very early signs of drug abuse/misuse
  • How the NHS can be abused by drug users and Legal Highs

Developing Practitioner Skills 

  • The 12 Step Approach and Facilitation Skills
  • Brief Interventions/Brief Interactions and Practitioner Skills
  • Brief Motivational Counselling and Practitioner Skills
  • Appropriate Referral; How and Where to?

Qualification/Awarding Body

Dual Certification - BACP Endorsement CPD Level 4 and CPCAB Award Level 2

What is the time commitment?

4 sessions plus follow-up session. 10.00am - 4.00pm.

When is the next Course

Please contact

How much does the Course cost?

The Course costs 350.00. 

If you have any queries, please call or email and will be pleased to help:

0208 320 2422