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Drug and Substance Misuse Awareness Workshop for Parents, Teachers and Carers

The dangers of Drug misuse/addiction are major issues facing our children and young people today. Peer pressure and access to ‘everyday’ substances can leave the youngest of our children wide open and vulnerable to drug abuse. Parents, Teacher and Carers often ask: “How can I best protect my children and/ or the children in my care?”

Lasts 1 day   Costs £70.00   Date: Please contact 

How to Apply 

Is this Workshop for you?

Parents, Teachers and Carers

Objectives of the Workshop

This Workshop has been specifically designed to provide you with the in depth understanding and insight to be able to define your own best answers to the above questions; in relation to your personal circumstances, family or those in your care.

Workshop Description

The Workshop will also fully inform you how to spot the early signs of Drug or Substance misuse and how to access the help and support that you, your children or young people may need.

Workshop Content

The Workshop Covers 3 Major Areas of Concern:

  • The most dangerous times for Children and Young people; when the likelihood of substance misuse may have greater attraction.
  • The early and subsequent signs of drug or substance misuse.
  • The most effective ways to help and access to community support resources. 

You will also meet a number of young people previously addicted to drugs but who are now in recovery and are willing to share their experiences with you.

What is the time commitment?

Saturday 10th May 2014 10am-4.30pm

When is the next Workshop? 

Please contact Chris Brown by email or telephone:

0208 320 2422 

How much does the Workshop cost?

The Workshop costs £75.00. 

(Concession Fee: Students and receivers of Income Support £55.00)